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Is it safe to grow oyster mushrooms in my home? 

Yes. I grow them indoors. A word of caution. 

If you are anything like me, once I had taken up growing oyster mushrooms, I grew more and more, and different varieties.

I just picked this back up about a year ago but, am nowhere back to raising them by the pounds.

Is it safe to grow oyster mushrooms in home

Um…anyone wanting to do this today, have it so much easier with the grow kits readily available online. The kits, seem to take this into account.

Mushrooms release spores. I take the potential of inhaling spores very seriously.

In my grow room at one house, I had HEPA filtration, and I wore a surgical mask. That room was completely sealed off. 

It was a pain to dress up and prepare like I was going into an operating room…but. It was necessary to avoid contamination. 

Not only mushroom spore release, but contains like molds, even if not yet visible, can harm your respiratory system too.

People have been hospitalized…in the ICU. Milder cases would/could resemble flu-like symptoms.

I grow, rather have grown, oysters right on my kitchen island as a centerpiece. Shitakes on small logs, also, decorative Bonsai-like displays indoors.

That “thought" was always in the back of my mind…should I be doing this? And, I raised them in an underused lazy Susan in my laundry room.

Out of fear, probably unfounded, I haven't done this in a while. My limited indoor growth now…have been done in my enclosed room in the basement. 

HEPA filter on. And, I am pretty thorough about wiping every surface outside and inside my temporary tent down. 

I probably should don the entire garb each and every time I enter, at least mask, gloves, and cap.

I no longer have access to “free" sterile hospital gear that would otherwise be disposed of.

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