Mushroom Consultants in Maldives | Mushroom Supplier in Maldives

Biobritte is top mushroom Grower and Consulting Company in India. Biobritte is providing different services to mushroom start ups and businesses. Biobritte is top mushroom company in India. Biobritte provides different services and products.

Mushroom Consultants in Maldives

We are providing mushroom set up services at local and foreign countries. We are supplying this services to worldwide customers.

Mushroom plant set up
Mushroom farm set up planning
Mushroom farm project report
Mushroom spawn laboratory set up services
Staff training
Mushroom training services
Mushroom Marketing Support

We also provide products such as
Mushroom seeds
Mushroom spawn
Mushroom pure cultures or mushroom mother cultures
Mushroom dried products
Mushroom extracts and powders.

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