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Oral Benefits of Shittake Mushrooms.

Shiitake mushrooms have a great potential for the production of useful bioactive metabolites which belong to several chemical groups and have varied pharmacological effects. 

Dependent on increasing knowledge about chemistry, biotechnology, and molecular biology of mushrooms, a rapid increase in its application for medicinal purposes can be expected.

Oral Benefits of Shittake mushrooms

There exists convincing evidence of this mushroom to be used as a functional food for the prevention of oral diseases and the betterment of oral health as a whole.

Different extracts of shiitake have shown potent antibacterial and antifungal activities. 

Apart from these pharmacological benefits, it has tremendous potential to use as an antioxidant agent and also in the prevention of cancer. 

From the oral health point of view, shiitake extracts have demonstrated caries preventive activities, reduction in oral biofilm formation, and antigingivitis effects.

The potential beneficial effects of shiitake mushrooms have been studied on a small scale to date in various studies. 

However, further work needs to be done to isolate and identify the other active ingredients and explore suitable pharmaceutical delivery systems. 

The possibility of using the isolated compounds in bioadhesive, time-specific, and site-specific controlled release systems to enrich other foods could enhance its anticaries efficacy, overcoming the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance without altering oral microflora.

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