All Mushrooms cause Candida | Common Mushroom Myths | Biobritte mushroom company

All Mushrooms cause Candida | Common Mushroom Myths | Biobritte mushroom company

All Mushrooms cause Candida.

Mushrooms have a bad reputation in some circles, largely peddled by those pushing anti-candida diets and encouraging people to cut out all mushrooms because they exacerbate the condition. 

In fact, many medicinal mushrooms like Shiitake are extremely effective against candida. 

All Mushrooms cause Candida

Shiitake is a beneficial yeast, and we need good yeast to overcome bad yeast. 

Shiitake supports the immune response against candida and targets the pathogen directly to eradicate it. 

Those trying to get rid of candida needn’t fear all mushroom products, get some shiitake in your life!

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