Chaga benefits for hair | Chaga mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom center

Chaga benefits for hair | Chaga mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom center

Chaga benefits for hair.

Chaga can help mitigate or reverse the process of hair aging through its nutritional content. 

In particular, Chaga is rich in vitamin D and melanin, two nutrients that are crucial for hair health. 

Chaga benefits for hair

Vitamin D is responsible for nourishing hair follicles, strengthening the epidermis of the skin, and preventing hyper-pigmentation.

Chaga also contains melanin, concentrated in the black outer crust, which is a complex compound that gives the skin, hair, and the iris (colored part of the eye) their color. 

Our skin naturally darkens in response to sun exposure which stimulates melanocytes to produce melanin.

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