Ganoderma Mushrooms Effective against Recurrent Oral Ulceration (ROU) | Mushrooms Vs Recurrent Oral Ulceration (ROU)

The medicinal mushroom known as “Reishi ” in Japan was the subject of a recent Chinese study on alternative treatments for recurrent oral ulceration (ROU). The results showed that freeze-dried reishi mushroom powder provided effective treatment for the most prevalent mouth ulcer disease in the world.

ROU is considered an autoimmune disease. It is a frequent complication for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and other diseases that undermine the immune system.

There are several conventional therapies for it, one being prednisone acetate. However, they are not ideal and are often unsatisfactory in terms of effectiveness.

Many patients have instead turned to medicinal herbs or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to complement Western medical treatment. One of those herbal medicines is Ganoderma lucidium, the reishi mushroom.

Called “Lingzhi” in China, it is often used as a TCM and complementary medicine. Studies show that its fruiting body and mycelium contain bioactive ingredients that improve the immune system and gastrointestinal tract. It also has anti-ulcer effects.