How to cook mushrooms | Fresh & Dry mushrooms | Biobritte mushrooms

How to cook mushrooms | Fresh & Dry mushrooms | Biobritte mushrooms

How to cook mushrooms.

Check your batch of mushrooms before cooking them. 

A surface that is dry, shiny, and white indicates fresh mushrooms. 

But sticky/slimy surfaces that have gone darker mean that that batch has gone bad. 

Mushrooms can be prepared in a number of different ways as they do not need a lot of cooking. 

How to cook mushrooms

Overcooking mushrooms can make them wilted and mushy. Sauteed and grilled are some of the popular ways of preparing them. 

Make sure to dab them with a dry tissue before cooking and remove the lower part of the stem.

You can cook mushrooms whole, sliced or diced. But make sure to rid them of all dirt and grime before cooking them whole. 

Given that they are grown in thick soil, you can still find impurities stuck in tricky crevices even after multiple washes.

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