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Mushroom Hot Beverages.

It is said that a beverage is also a drink because it is a liquid. It is consumed by people during social occasions. 

Generally speaking a beverage is a hot drink or a brew of some sort. 

The beverage may not necessarily have alcoholic connotations as tea and coffee are brewed and are beverages.

Mushroom beverages are known as mushroom drinks other than water.

Chaga, reishi, and cordyceps mushroom powders are great additions to warm beverages, as they require heat in order to release their nutrients.

Mushroom hot beverages

Cordyceps - These rare mushrooms from northern China have traditionally been used to treat a wide variety of health challenges from diabetes to asthma. 

Recent research at is Cancer Center showed that cordyceps can also improve physical stamina and strength.

The powders are more concentrated than a mushroom itself, so it can be a great drink for those who don’t have much time to plan out meals.

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