Oyster Mushrooms Available for Sale | Fresh & Dry oyster mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom center

Oyster Mushrooms Available for Sale | Fresh & Dry oyster mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom center

Oyster Mushrooms Available for Sale.

Oyster mushrooms are cultivated all year round on bags containing a mixture of straw and water. 

They are harvested in clusters and then cut off one by one. 

Multiple studies have assessed the biochemistry of the mushroom specifically (and/or its white variant) and found many substances known to have medicinal value. 

One study, for example, specifically assessed the anti-oxidant effect of an extract of the mushroom and found that it is indeed strong enough that eating the mushroom likely has related health benefits.

The oyster mushroom was one of the species assessed for antibiotic activity against several species of disease-causing bacteria; although the oyster was not the most potent in the study, the differences were minimal, and the oyster extract was effective against the bacteria.

Oyster Mushrooms Available for Sale

Mushrooms Available in fresh, dry, and powdered form.

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