Blue Oyster Mushroom Seeds in Satara | Pink Oyster Mushroom Seeds in Satara | Biobritte mushroom center

Blue Oyster Mushroom Seeds in Satara | Pink Oyster Mushroom Seeds in Satara | Biobritte mushroom center.

The Blue Oyster mushroom is a subspecies of the Pearl Oyster that exhibits a notable blue-gray hue. 

The color contrast between the darker caps and pale gills gives them a truly stunning appearance. 

This species of mushroom is tasty and has a meaty texture. 

The organic Blue oyster mushroom spawns are available on the Biobritte online shop.

Blue Oyster Mushroom Seeds in Satara

They are mainly used is for eating, but some people consume blue oyster mushroom psychedelics.

The organic blue oyster mushrooms are available online and offline.

Blue Oyster Mushroom Seeds in Satara

Pink Oyster mushroom grain spawn can be mixed into sterilized or lime pasteurized substrates including but not limited to hardwood sawdust, straw, and coffee grounds.

In order to grow, a pink oyster mushroom grows kit will need to be opened exposing the fully colonized substrate to fresh air and humidity. 

Vibrant pink clusters of coral-like primordia will form on the surface of the substrate. 

These clusters will develop into mushrooms.

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