How can I start mushroom farming in a 500 sq ft area? | Mushroom cultivation | Biobritte mushroom center

How can I start mushroom farming in a 500 sq ft area? | Mushroom cultivation | Biobritte mushroom center.

500 sq ft is a good enough area for mushroom farming.

But you need to have a roof over the area as well as walls. You need not build a brick and mortar building, you can make a tent but the floor should be cemented and raised so that water drains off.

You need to have a supply of straw. Farmers usually use the leftovers of wheat and paddy cultivation. You have to make a bed with straw cut into small sizes. 

You add bran, urea, calcium ammonium nitrate/ammonium sulfate, and gypsum to it. 

The bed has to be watered to stay moist. You can make trays with softwood to manage the place easily. You have to spawn your mushroom. 

How can I start mushroom farming in a 500 sq ft area?

This is done by getting ripe mushroom and crushing it then sprinkle it over the straw beds in wooden trays. The spores of mushrooms start growing. You need to keep the staw bed moist and the premises dark. Mushrooms can't grow on strong sunlight.

You can get 3 crops a year.

A little more details are available in the links below

You can get an idea about your investment and income from the link below[2]

You can make Rs 29,000 an acre at an MSP of Rs 1,450 and yield 20 quintals a crop.

That is 2000 kg per acre per season.

That means you can grow just 22 kgs of mushroom on a 500 sq ft home.

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