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Mushroom Skincare: Fungi Fad or Lasting Trend?

There’s no denying we’re in the midst of a major ’shroom bloom. But is it the way of the future or just another passing ingredient trend? 

“There’s clear growth in [internet] searches for certain types of mushrooms/fungi such as ashwagandha, Chaga, Cordyceps, reishi, and snow mushroom,” says Inge. “When you start to see specialized searches like that, as opposed to something like ‘mushrooms in skincare,’ it’s a clear indicator that interest is growing in that category.” 

Increased searches or not, Inge believes in the skincare benefits of mushrooms. “They are a supereffective and sustainable ingredient with a broad range of benefits that can be felt quickly. 

As we study the species more through a wellness lens, find better growing and extraction techniques, and understand the companion benefits of using mushrooms with other ingredients, I can only imagine this trend mushrooming!” 

Mushroom Skincare : Fungi Fad or Lasting Trend?

It appears Inge isn’t alone in her thinking. The proliferation of mushroom skincare products aside, many brands seem to agree that mushrooms are here for the long haul. 

“We don’t see mushrooms in skincare as a trend,” says Bacon. “We’re just beginning to tap into the benefits of what mushrooms can do.” 

“Mushrooms are experiencing a major moment right now, but they’ve been a part of beauty recipes and product formulations for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years,” says Ahmad. 

“But as the public has become savvier at reading ingredient lists, they’ve learned the difference between cheap fillers and high-performance flora. 

Perhaps this is why these natural superstars are taking center stage: They have a long and well-substantiated narrative of natural efficacy, which is precisely what consumers are looking for. Suffice it to say mushrooms are here to stay!”

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