Start Tremella fuciformis Mushroom Farming | Tremella fuciformis Mushroom in India | Biobritte mushroom farming

Start Tremella fuciformis Mushroom Farming | Tremella fuciformis Mushroom in India | Biobritte mushroom farming.

Tremella fuciformis is one of the major medicinal mushrooms and treasured mushroom delicacy in China. 

Cultivation of this mushroom is a challenge for the cultivator but it is possible with enthusiasm and proper technique. 

The white jelly mushroom, Tremella fuciformis, was discovered in China.  

It is an important and popular medicinal and gourmet mushroom in Asia where it is best known as the silver ear.

Start Tremella fuciformis Mushroom Farming

Due to some unusual characteristics of  T.  Fuciformis,  some background information is essential. 

Prior  mushroom cultivation  experience will also be helpful

Adoption of the basic methodology,  as developed in detail in China, should be a very worthy step forward. 

The practical knowledge of how to eat the mushroom will be a topic of future discussion.

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