Tremella mushrooms snow fungus or beauty mushrooms | Edible & Medicinal mushrooms | Biobritte mushrooms

Tremella mushrooms snow fungus or beauty mushrooms | Edible & Medicinal mushrooms | Biobritte mushrooms.

Tremella mushrooms, also known as snow fungus or beauty mushrooms, have been used for centuries for their skin benefits. 

An easy way to get tremella into your diet is with Further Food Vanilla Collagen with Tremella Mushrooms. 

Tremella mushrooms snow fungus or beauty mushrooms

  • Tremella mushrooms are high in Vitamin D, rich in antioxidants and minerals.
  • Members of ancient Chinese royalty credited tremella for their beautiful skin!
  • Chinese and Japanese herbalists have used tremella as a strong yin tonic, believing it offers support for the lungs, brain, stomach, heart, and immune system.
  • Tremella contains high amounts of polysaccharides, which are antioxidants that can help keep skin hydrated, promote nerve growth and support the brain.
  • Tremella mushrooms may improve the levels of hyaluronic acid in the body, which can help moisturize and improve the texture of the skin.
  • The polysaccharides in tremella support fibroblasts which can help us maintain skin integrity.
  • Tremella mushrooms have been found to inhibit the development and spread of inflammation.
  • Tremella has been found to be helpful in reducing cholesterol in mice.
  • Incorporating tremella in the diet can help boost the immune system.
  • The polysaccharides in tremella have been found to slow tumor growth.


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