What are the steps to starting a successful small oyster mushroom farm? | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom farming

What are the steps to starting a successful small oyster mushroom farm? | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom farming.

It's relatively easy to be successful at growing oyster mushrooms. The problem is that a successful mushroom farm must also be financially successful. 

That involves both (1) technical expertise in growing the mushrooms so that you can produce high-quality mushrooms on a steady schedule while minimizing your costs and (2) business savvy. 

It is REALLY hard to find quality oyster mushrooms in a store, so if you can produce and deliver quality oysters you will have a major advantage over other growers. Anyway, here's my free advice:

First, you need to start planning ("Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." - that's been attributed to Michael Baisden in Men Cry in the Dark, but I can guarantee he's not the first person to use the sentence.) 

What are the steps to starting a successful small oyster mushroom farm?

I suggest you start by checking your local market to see if anyone is supplying oysters and if anyone is interested in buying them. Visit with farmers' market managers, grocery store produces managers and check their wares to see what they already offer and where they come from. 

Also, talk to chefs at high-end restaurants to see if they have any interest. Grocery stores may buy your mushrooms instead of those produced far away because consumers like local produce. They will likely pay you the same amount they are currently paying - so ask them about that. 

This is critical - if you want to grow mushrooms commercially, you must understand the market locally, nationally, and internationally to know what competition you face and how best to sell your mushrooms. If you gather the right information, you will be able to estimate how many mushrooms you will be able to sell over time and what you can expect to be paid for them.

Next, you should try growing some for your own use to better understand the cultivation techniques. If you take Mt. Stute's advice, you'll grow some mushrooms, but you will find better ways. 

For example, to get better yields you will not want to boil your straw substrate, you will want to pasteurize it. Unless you can afford bottle culture methods that require expensive equipment, you will probably find that growing oysters in vertical plastic tubes will be most economical - if not as sustainable as other approaches (like growing them in 5-gallon buckets). 

If you can produce a few five-pound boxes of mushrooms to offer to your local chefs and produce managers you will get a more realistic feel for your markets. With that education, you will begin to be able to estimate your start-up and production costs and your sales prices as well as anticipated production levels using whatever technology you settle on. I recommend Paul Stamets book "Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms" to get you started.

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