Chaga Mushrooms | How it helps to restore youthfullness? | Biobritte mushrooms

Chaga Mushrooms | How it helps to restore youthfulness? | Biobritte mushrooms


Skincare benefits: Antioxidant, restoring, reduces redness and sensitivity

One of the most potent and popular mushrooms in skincare, the Chaga mushroom is a powerhouse of skincare benefits. 

Chaga's antioxidant properties may help combat oxidation and lower blood pressure. 

In addition to regulating the immune system, the types of beta-D-glucans found in Chaga have also been shown to help lower blood sugar levels.

Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga is packed with UV-blocking melanin and is richer in antioxidants than superfood berries.

It provides protection against temperature variations, helping to restore the skin barrier, reduces any sign of redness and sensitivity as well as strengthening capillaries.

The texture is like cork and requires an extraction process for its compounds to become bioavailable (Do not simply add ground Chaga to your smoothies or granola bars).

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