Laetiporus sulphureus (Chicken-of-the-woods mushroom) | Mushroom center | Biobritte mushrooms

Laetiporus sulphureus (Chicken-of-the-woods mushroom) | Mushroom center | Biobritte mushrooms 

Laetiporus sulphureus(Chicken-of-the-woods mushroom) 

Where are laetiporus Sulphureus found?

Laetiporus sulphureus is a species of bracket fungus (fungi that grow on trees) found in Europe and North America. 

Its common names are crab-of-the-woods, sulphur polypore, sulphur shelf, and chicken-of-the-woods. 

Laetiporus sulphureus (Chicken-of-the-woods mushroom)

Its fruit bodies grow as striking golden-yellow shelf-like structures on tree trunks and branches.

The mushroom can be prepared in most ways that one can prepare chicken meat. 

It can also be used as a substitute for chicken in a vegetarian diet. 

Additionally, it can be frozen for long periods of time and retain its edibility. 

In certain parts of Germany and North America, it is considered a delicacy.

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