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Lions Mane mushroom | Biobritte mushroom | Biobritte mushroom company 

Lion’s mane mushrooms (Hericium erinaceus) are white, globe-shaped fungi that have long, shaggy spines. 

People can eat them or take them in the form of supplements. 

Research suggests that they may offer a range of health benefits, including reduced inflammation and improved cognitive and heart health.

People in Asia use these mushrooms for both culinary and medicinal purposes. 

Health food stores sell lion’s mane extract in supplement form, and both the fungus and its extracts appear to be beneficial to health.

Antioxidants may fight both inflammation and oxidation in the body.

Lion's mane mushroom

Inflammation contributes to many medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases.

A 2012 study evaluating the medicinal potential of 14 types of mushrooms found that lion’s mane had the fourth-highest antioxidant activity, which researchers described as “moderate to high.”

Lion’s mane mushrooms may enhance the immune system, partly by reducing inflammation and preventing oxidation.

The results of another study trusted Source indicate that a protein in lion’s mane mushrooms encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria that strengthen immunity.

Extracts from lion’s mane mushrooms beneficial in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

In a 2015 study trusted Source, that consumed lion’s mane mushroom extract displayed fewer depressive behaviors and had blood markers that indicated lower depression. 

The researchers suggest that this is due to the extract’s anti-inflammatory effects.

The findings of a 2018 study trusted Source support this, concluding that these mushroom extracts contain agents that are useful for treating depressive disorders.

It is possible that lion’s mane mushrooms might boost cognitive function.

In one study trusted Source, lion’s mane dietary supplements appeared to give mice better object recognition and recognition memory.

Other trusted Source have concluded that the mushrooms may have the potential to treat or prevent diseases that cause a decline in cognitive health, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Lion’s mane extract improves heart health, according to the research.

Research showed that the mushroom extracts might have a cholesterol-lowering effect.

The antioxidant properties of lion’s mane mushrooms may play a role in cancer prevention or treatment.

The results of an in vitro study trusted Source indicate that lion’s mane extracts have therapeutic potential against human leukemia.

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