Phellinus rimosus | Miracle Drug | Phellinus rimosus mushroom in Kerala

Phellinus is a large and widely distributed genus of the family Hymenochetaceae. (Donk) under the class, Basidiomycetes. 

The species are mostly confined to the plains/tropical forests. 

Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light and host trees are very important for development of basidiocarps. 

Phellinus rimosus

The dominant and most frequently found species are Phellinus (P. senex), P. rimosus, P. badius, P. fastuosus, P. adamantinus, P. caryophylli and P. durrissimus.

About 18 species are found to occur in Kerala, most of them are wood inhabiting.

P. rimosus (Berk) Pilat is found growing on jackfruit tree trunks in Kerala. In Kerala, this mushroom is commonly found on living Moraceae members.

In Chinese medicine hot water extract of the fruiting bodies of Phellinus species have been used for an extensive range of ailments and it is believed to work as a miracle drug refreshing the human body and prolong longevity.

Recent studies have compared hot water extract of Phellinus with other anticancer mushrooms. The Phellinus extract showed the strongest evidence of tumor proliferation suppression.

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