Portobello mushroom scope | Scope of mushroom | Biobritte mushroom company

Portobello mushroom scope | Scope of mushroom | Biobritte mushroom company

Portobello mushroom scope.

Agaricus bisporus is commonly known as white mushrooms, button mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, champignon mushrooms; Swiss, Roman, or Italian brown mushrooms, or chestnut mushrooms. 

And Portobello, Portobella or Portabella mushrooms. Other names and spellings exist.

                         Portobello mushroom scope

The only differences between all these mushrooms are simply how old they are, and whether they are a white or brown variety.

The Portobello mushrooms have - 


   The macronutrients consist of fat, carbohydrates, and protein.


   Portobello mushrooms have a moderately high amount of fiber.


   Portobellos take up a lot of space, but they do not contain many calories.




7.B Vitamins.

Portobello mushrooms can lend meaty texture and rich flavor to all kinds of dishes, from a club sandwich to a meatless pâté. 

Here are 9 ways to cook with this vegetarian-favorite ingredient.

1. Salad. Grill and then roast the mushrooms to give them a deep, smoky flavor that's delicious in salads, like this one made with bosc pears and crunchy romaine.

2. Club sandwich. Use portobello instead of bacon on a club sandwich and pile it high with cucumbers, sprouts, avocado, and cheese.

3. Stuffed. For a decadent vegetarian main course, roast the mushrooms whole, then fill the giant caps with cheese before broiling. Laurent Tourondel uses a mixture of gruyère, muenster, mozzarella and manchego.

4. Pâté. Blend them with other mushrooms and pecans to make a vegetarian pâté for spreading on crackers.

5. Pasta. Add the sautéed mushrooms to a simple pasta dish; one made with goat cheese and Parmesan is especially delicious.

6. Pizza. Scatter the sautéed mushrooms over tomato sauce-topped pizza dough and bake for a satisfying meatless pizza. The recipe here also calls for red peppers and two different kinds of cheese.

7. Soup garnish. Add the sautéed mushrooms to a pureed soup, like split pea, just before serving.

8. Korean BBQ. Toss them in sweet and pungent Korean marinade before grilling.

9. Thai lettuce cups. Instead of using the usual finely chopped meat, make a Thai-style salad with portobellos to serve in Bibb lettuce leaves.

Because of the above reasons the scope of Portobello mushroom is tremendous.

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