Lion's mane mushroom growth stages | Mushroom cultivation | Biobritte mushroom cultivation center

Lion's mane mushroom growth stages | Mushroom cultivation | Biobritte mushroom cultivation center

Lion's mane mushroom growth stages

Interested in growing lion’s mane mushrooms? These unique mushrooms are delicious and nutritious, with a lot of potential health benefits. 

Lion’s mane mushrooms’ best qualities, where to find them, how to grow them, and the best ways to cook and enjoy them. 

Including step-by-step guides to get you started with growing lion’s mane mushroom indoors and on logs.

However, growing lion’s mane indoors in bags or containers is a lot quicker. 

You could be harvesting delicious lion’s mane mushrooms approximately one month after inoculating your substrate. During this time three things happen.

A colonization stage of around 14 – 21 days, during which the mycelium spread throughout the substrate.

Once fully colonized and placed in the fruiting chamber, pins (the beginning stages of a mushroom) appear in two to three days.

Lion's mane mushroom growth stages

The lion’s mane keeps growing and is ready to harvest in approximately 7-14 days, dependent on temperature.

The following is the step of lion's mane mushroom cultivation stages:-

  • Step 1: Gather Supplies
  • Step 2 – Prepare Substrate
  • Step 3: Inoculate Your Substrate
  • Step 4: Incubate the Inoculated Substrate
  • Step 5: Create Fruiting Conditions

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