Scope of Mushroom Business in Rajasthan | Mushroom company | Biobritte mushroom center

Scope of Mushroom Business in Rajasthan | Mushroom company | Biobritte mushroom center

Scope of Mushroom Business in Rajasthan 

The production of mushroom and single-cell protein is gaining momentum as one of the fastest-growing biotechnological industries with multi-million dollar annual trade. 

However, mushroom cultivation is unique as it is the most efficient and economically viable biotechnology process for the conversion of lignocelluloses waste materials into high-quality protein food.

Mushrooms are fruiting bodies of certain fungi belonging to Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes groups, some are edible and many are poisonous and non-edible. 

Scope of Mushroom Business in Rajasthan

They are an accepted ideal food item, rich in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, and an efficient tool for recycling organic wastes. 

There are more than 10,000 species of mushrooms and about 2000 of them are considered edible. 

Of these, less than twenty-five species are widely accepted as food items, and only about a dozen of them have been artificially cultivated. 

In short, the scope of the mushroom business is tremendous because of its uses in the food and medical industries and others.

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