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Mushroom cultivation in India was initiated for the first time at Solan in mid sixties when Dr. E. F. K. Mental from Germany started the work as the FAO consultant at Solan.

Worldwide mushroom market is showing upward & by 201 Mushroom Market worth $50,034.12 Million

India is having so many scopes in mushroom marketing because this sector is still untapped.

Types of Mushrooms in Terms of Marketing- 3 types mushrooms marketed by the producer

1. Fresh
2. Dry
3. Processed

As a farmer, how do you sell/access the market for mushrooms?

USA is the largest importer of canned mushroom and China produces around 70% of the total world production. 

China is the largest consumer of mushroom followed by USA.

The retail price of fresh mushrooms in Indian ranges from Rs.20/- to Rs.100/- per kg, depending upon the season. 

In summer months the prices are higher than in winter months. Prices are lower in winter due season.

India being a tropical country, fresh marketing is at a premium. The commonly used packaging is the polythene bag. 

Most of the mushrooms sold in fresh markets are treated with potassium metabisulphite due to market demand as mushrooms become extra white after the treatment and the casing adhering is also removed.

Marketing of fresh mushrooms is always done in the nearby city & local demand. Therefore grower should always know the daily base demand, supply & consumer base. 

Accessing the market depends upon area to area like one community of India never eat mushrooms due to their religious compulsions & even some of the pure vegetarian people doesn't like mushrooms.

Dry mushroom is generally used by hotels, restaurants & for export purpose.

Processed Mushroom is basically a canned mushroom for export purpose mostly.

You should know about your near about market & consumption pattern (per day consumption as well as type of mushroom demand) after that you can take production accordingly.

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