Blue Oyster Mushroom Powder | Mushroom powder supplier | Biobritte mushroom supplements

Blue Oyster Mushroom Powder | Mushroom powder supplier | Biobritte mushroom supplements 

Blue Oyster Mushroom Powder

Pleurotus ostreatus, the oyster mushroom, oyster fungus, or hiratake, is a common edible mushroom. 

The Following are the health benefits of blue oyster mushroom powder:-
  • Rich in nutrients. Oyster mushrooms are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. ...
  • Source of antioxidants. ...
  • May benefit heart health. ...
  • May promote blood sugar regulation. ...
  • Immune-supportive benefits. ...
  • Other potential benefits. ...
  • Versatile and delicious.
Blue Oyster Mushroom Powder

Oyster mushrooms have high protein content, several B vitamins, and all the essential amino acids. 

Its medicinal benefits include promoting anti-tumor activity and lowering high cholesterol.

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