How do you make cordyceps tea? | Mushroom tea | Biobritte mushrooms

How do you make cordyceps tea? | Mushroom tea | Biobritte mushrooms 

How do you make cordyceps tea?

Cordyceps tea is easily made by chopping up the mushroom into small pieces, or with cordyceps powder. 

Simply mix one tablespoon of the powder or chopped up mushrooms into 1½ of hot water and allow to steep for 10 minutes. 

Strain into a cup and sweeten if desired.

How do you make cordyceps tea?

The taste of the tea is, not surprisingly, mushroom-y. 

To make it more palatable, some people will brew the tea with four thin slices of ginger and flavor it with honey and a squeeze of lemon. 

There are other mushroom teas to try, such as ones made with lion's mane or reishi.

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