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Is mushroom farming viable on a small scale?

It is viable for a housewife in rural areas (who generally don't step out of their home to work) to earn a decent Rs.300 or more per day.

Mushroom cultivation doesn't need a huge investment in land or anything. 

Some space in their home can be dedicated for this and grow as little as 5kg per day and at Rs.60 selling price, they can earn Rs.300 per day (Considering the inputs like paddy straw, cow dung, compost, water, etc are available for free in villages).

Is mushroom farming viable on a small scale?

Mushroom cultivation is more profitable in City than in Villages if someone can afford a small room with multiple tray racks. 

Inputs like organic mannure, plastic trays, etc will not cost more than a Movie at PVR with family. 

Considering the selling cost at Rs.100-150 per kg you can make a decent Rs.700 to 1000 per day (Demand is much more, supply is very very less, people are ready to afford more price for fresh produce, high net worth people include it in their daily diet because of its high protein and zero cholesterol).

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