Low cost mushroom growing in India | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom company

Low-cost mushroom growing in India | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom company 

Low-cost mushroom growing in India.

Button mushroom, oyster mushroom & paddy straw mushrooms are the three major types used for cultivation in India. 

Paddy straw mushrooms can grow in temperatures ranging from 35 – 40 Degree Celcius. 

Oyster mushrooms on the other hand are grown in the northern plains while button mushrooms grow during the winter season. 

All these mushrooms of commercial importance are grown by different methods and techniques. 

Low cost mushroom growing in India

Mushrooms are grown in special beds known as compost beds.

Oyster Mushroom is grown where the climatic conditions are not good for the button mushrooms. 

It is the simplest to grow & most delicious to eat. 

Being very low in fat content it is usually suggested for controlling obesity & also to patients suffering from diabetes, and blood pressure.

Oyster mushrooms can grow at a moderate temperature that ranges from 20 - 300 C and humidity 55-70 percent for a period of 6 - 8 months in a year. 

It can also be cultivated in the summer season by providing the extra humidity needed for its growth. 

In hilly areas - the best growing season is during March or April to September or October while in the lower regions it is from September or October to March or April.

Oyster mushroom farming is the low-cost mushroom farming all over India & the world.

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