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They are a variety of techniques. I use, or have used them all. I went on Amazon last year and ordered mushroom plugs, and spawn. 

I had been out of the hobby for awhile. I was still foraging though. Morels, Lion's Mane, Cauliflower, Puff Balls, Turkey Tails etc. 

I have 65 acres to forage on, and I can walk “next" door to a State Forestry.

I wanted Oysters, Shitakes, and Lion's Mane, with more predictability and abundance, so I picked up an old hobby.

What is the best way to grow mushrooms in the home?

I started propogating these mushrooms closer to home. In my backyard. In my shed. And, in a (mostly unused) Lazy Susan in the laundry room.

Before you knew it, I had out the drill. But instead of tapping maple trees for syrup, I was putting in mushroom plugs in recently downed/thinned forest logs.

One order, and I've been keeping my mushrooms going since then. I now grow 5 varieties.

The “easiest mushrooms” are Oyster mushrooms. For $16.00 you can pick up King Oyster spawn.

Perhaps, the “easiest way” to get started is by purchasing a kit with a grow bag and spawn ready to go. Like one of these

This is not an endorsement of this product, but you can get steered in the right direction.

I started growing white and blue Oysters.

I even used Blue Oysters as a centerpiece on the table. I had them everywhere for awhile.

Then, you will be ready to make your own spawn, and keep the “magic" going.

After kits, or while your growing them…

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