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Where is the market for Cordyceps "sales and purchase"?

Cordyceps is a fungus that lives on certain caterpillars in high mountainous regions of Indo-China.

Not sure if you can cultivate it like you would do a normal mushroom. 

In India, it is found in the mountainous regions of Uttara Khand. 

Do note that any trading activity in same is regulated and it may be illegal to do it without prior approval from loan authorities.

Where is the market for Cordyceps "sales and purchase"?

As for the market, the should be the least of your worry. It has a multitude of medicinal uses and is in his demand the world over.

No doubt cordyceps is the best super food in the world, it has uncountable benfits on human body, having said that, this magical herb is still struggling to penetrate the market here in India. 

People are not aware of it and even though considering the price finding a market is not a cake walk. Start the business after analyzing the market demand.

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