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Growing Shittake Mushrooms on Wood Logs

Shiitake logs will fruit naturally after a soaking rain when they are ready, but it's better to induce fruiting by soaking two or three logs in cold water for 24 hours and then giving each soaked log a solid knock with a hammer, which seems to excite the fungi.

Growing Shittake Mushrooms on Wood Logs

Unlike many mushrooms which grow on compost or manure-based potting media, 

shiitake mushrooms grow on logs. 

You'll need to obtain or cut logs (“bolts”) about 3 to 6-inches across, and 3 to 4 feet long. 

For ease of handling, consider the 3-foot lengths for the thicker logs.

Oak logs, especially those in the white oak group, are preferred species. 

They decompose slowly, providing several years of food for the shiitakes–thus offering a longer harvest period.

Shiitake on Logs - 

Follow the six steps below for inoculating and managing your Shiitake logs.
  • Cut the logs (3-8˝diameter x 36-40˝ length) ...
  • Drill the holes. ...
  • Inoculate and seal with wax.
  • Label the logs.
  • Incubate logs and manage for moisture. ...
  • Harvest mushrooms.

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