How Does A Mushroom Grow? | Mushroom cultivation | Biobritte mushroom center

How Does A Mushroom Grow? | Mushroom cultivation | Biobritte mushroom center

How Does A Mushroom Grow?

Every Mushroom starts about as a spore, which as Biobritte mentioned, functions as a seed. 

That is to say, a spore is a vehicle for reproduction just as a seed is. 

Biobritte also took note of the fact that this is about the only thing seeds and spores have in common.

When a mature mushroom releases spores, it does so by the thousands. 

How Does A Mushroom Grow?

These microscopic spores are caught by the wind and carried away from the parent mushroom.

When these newly released spores land on the ground and settle in, they begin to make what is called "Hyphae" which is analogous to a single root in a plant. 

It is a thin strand of fibrous material that the mushroom uses to pull nutrients out of the ground. 

These strands of Hyphae spread and entwine with each other in a way that is similar to a root system of a plant. 

This collected body of Hyphae is called the Mycelium.

It is tempting to call the Mycelium a root system, but it is not always underground and does not serve to stabilize the mushroom and keep it securely anchored in the dirt, the way a root system would. 

Mycelium resembles strands of pillow stuffing or cotton candy. 

The Mycelium of many mushrooms will entwine with each other, making sexual reproduction possible.

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