Mushroom business at home | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom company

Mushroom business at home | Mushroom farming | Biobritte mushroom company

Mushroom business at home.

Oyster mushroom requires average temperature range of 20 – 30 degrees C while humidity of 55-70 percent for a period of 6 - 8 months is needed in a year. 

In hilly areas - the best growing season is during March or April to September or even October. 

In lands at sea level i.e. on plane lands the ideal cultivation period is from September or October to March or April. 

Mushroom business at home

Oyster mushroom can be grown on several agro-wastes like straw of paddy, wheat / Ragi, stalk & leaves of maize, millets and cotton, used citronella leaf, sugarcane bagasse, saw dust, jute and cotton waste, used tea leaf waste, useless waste paper and synthetic or even compost of button mushrooms. 

Industrial wastes such as paper mill sludges, coffee byproducts, tobacco waste, etc can also be used for cultivation.

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