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Mushrooms Food.

Mushrooms are used directly as foods; many species are widely demanded due to excellent flavor, aroma, and texture; they are also considered functional foods because their nutritional properties and bioactive compounds promote health. 

Also, they have great importance in the ecosystem because they perform various environmental functions, such as the degradation of organic matter; that property allows the industry of edible mushroom production to contribute significantly to the integrated management of lignocellulosic waste.


Mushrooms Food

The cultivation of several saprophytic edible mushrooms has been established at the industrial level. 

Moreover, due to their enzymatic capacity, they are the most worked for commercial purposes. 

Mycorrhizal edible mushrooms are widely demanded; there are groups of this type that have a high price in the international market, so there are research groups working to increase the production of fruiting bodies and implement farming strategies.

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