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Umbrella Polypore Mushroom supplier in Lucknow

Polyporus umbellatus is a rare, edible species of mushroom, found growing on roots of old beeches or oak. 

It is also called lumpy bracket and umbrella polypore.

Edibility and cooking:-

Choice edible.

Umbrella Polypore Mushroom supplier in Lucknow

The fruit body is composed of numerous (sometimes several hundred) caps. 

They are 1–4 cm in diameter, deeply umbilicate, light brown, and from the extremities of a strong, many-branched stalk. 

The compound fungus can be up to 40 cm in diameter. The pores are narrow and white. The stalk is whitish-grey and originates from a strong, tuber-like nodule that is underground. 

The flesh is white, rather soft when young, although hardens with age.

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Bioactive compounds-

Polyporus umbellatus may contain bioactive compounds with immunostimulating, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and hepatoprotective properties.

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