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Medicinal mushrooms. 

Three medicinal mushrooms that are high-end items on the world market, at least in parts of Asia, though ignored by all but a few in the rest of the world, are mushrooms that are not used as foods. 

These are the turkey-tail polypore (Tramrtes Versicolor), the Chaga(Jnonotus obliquus), and the caterpillar mushroom. 

The turkey-tail is a common decomposer on 'fences and wood in urban and suburban areas. 

Medicinal mushrooms

Chaga is fairly common on white and yellow birch trees, il.

caterpillar mush~ooms (species of Cordyceps) occur wherever there are insects: they infect, the overwintering larval stage, eat through the body cavity, and whe1; the nutrients run out, send up a spore-bearing, fruiting body. 

The market value of these mushrooms, outside of specialty shops and onli~~ sellers, mushrooms that in China or Siberia can be mere costly, then truffles·, is less than the cost of candy, bar.

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