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Chemical composition of mushrooms.

Fruit bodies of about 200 mushroom species are consumed throughout the world, preferably as a delicacy. 

Knowledge of their chemical composition, nutritional value, and health-promoting effects has expanded dynamically during the last few years. 

Chemical composition of mushrooms.

Fat content is low with markedly prevailing in linoleic acid and oleic acid, while the proportion of n-3 fatty acids is nutritionally marginal. 

The main carbohydrates are chitin, glycogen, trehalose, and mannitol. 

Information on fibre content and composition is limited. 

Health-promoting β-glucans are an auspicious group of polysaccharides. 

High potassium content is characteristic of mushrooms. 

Several species can accumulate very high levels of both detrimental trace elements, particularly cadmium and mercury, and radiocaesium isotopes if growing on heavily polluted substrates. 

Mushrooms seem to be a considerable source of ergosterol, provitamin D₂, and phenolics with antioxidative properties. 

Hundreds of flavor constituents have been identified, particularly with eight-carbon aliphatic chains. 

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