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Cordyceps supplement.

Cordyceps mushroom bodies are rich in beta-glucans, which are the most powerful immune modulator known to mankind. 

Research has proved that Cordyceps militaris bodies are made up of up to 35% beta-glucans. 

Apart from beta-glucans, Cordyceps militaris in its final stage of growth of forming and dispersing its spores develops very unique and powerful compounds such as cordycepin, adenosine, cordymin, ergosterol, vitamin B12, etc. in its fruitbody which have a series of other benefits apart from immune-modulating effects observed from beta-glucans.

Cordyceps supplement.

Now, beta-glucans are also found in oats, barley, and yeast, but are in very little amount compared to mushrooms. 

Mushroom cells are made mostly of chitin, beta-glucans, and other components that are trapped inside the fungal cell walls and do not break free easily to release essential micro-nutrients, hence it may not benefit you as much and you may not feel any therapeutic effect after consuming raw. 

That is why mushrooms should be cooked well before consumption. 

Cooking helps in breaking chitin and free up beta-glucans and other important compounds from fungal cells. 

Now the free beta-glucans that are not digestible in our stomachs after eating sit there until moved in the smaller intestines where they get absorbed by Enterocytes or intestinal absorptive cells which are simple columnar epithelial cells that line the inner surface of the small intestine. 

Enterocytes facilitate the transportation of β(1,3)-glucans and similar compounds across the intestinal cell wall into the lymph where they begin to interact with macrophages to activate the immune function. 

It takes upto 72-hours for beta-glucans to spread to all parts of our body and immune system cells for it to start their therapeutic effects.

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