Chinese Mushroom And Cancer | Anticancer Activity Of Mushrooms | Mushroom In Cancer Treatment

Chinese Mushroom And Cancer | Anticancer Activity Of Mushrooms | Mushroom In Cancer Treatment

Mushrooms have long been used in medicine, the earliest records go back over 4,000 years in China.

There are thousands of species of mushroom growing in the wild. In the last few decades, large number of mushroom fungi has been progressively used as a source of medicinal compounds and therapeutic adjuvants or health food supplements.

Recently, the anticancer and anti-proliferative activities of polysaccharides or polysaccharide-protein complexes derived from mushrooms have received much attention in cancer treatment.

Medicinal Mushrooms contain high levels of glycoproteins and polysaccharides. A trend toward integration of immunopotent agents with the extant cancer regimens of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy is now considerably advanced in Japan and China – countries where mushroom preparations have been an anticancer resource for centuries.

Glucan and proteoglycan mushroom immunoceuticals offer hope for cancer patients. These substances as dietary supplements, they are safe, clinically proven, and exhibit near-perfect benefit-risk profiles have also been successfully studied in humans.

Chinese Mushroom And Cancer

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