Shiitake in Folk Medicine | Medicinal Use Of Shiitake Mushroom | Medicinal Benefits Of Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake in Folk Medicine | Medicinal Use Of Shiitake Mushroom | Medicinal Benefits Of Shiitake Mushroom

Added to these older traditional uses, in Japan there are modern-day accounts of high blood pressure normalizing or being substantially lowered from eating eight mushrooms a day for a couple of weeks.

In view of some of the latest research on shiitake in heart disease, a subject taken up in the next chapter, anecdotal accounts like these are no longer surprising.

Others have reported the mushroom of benefit in such diverse problems as ulcers, gout, low blood pressure, constipation, myopia, poor vision, allergies, hemorrhoids, pyorrhea, neuralgia (pain along nerves), poor complexion, and sexual weakness.

Uses of the mycelial extract of shiitake are very similar to those of the fruit-body. For example, there are preparations of the mycelium for the bath to enhance the beauty of the skin^ and one for dermatological diseases that clinical tests found efficacious in the treatment of skin rash and acne.

"Cases recorded from clinical and anecdotal settings in Japan are numerous. Patients and physicians have reported the mycelial extract effective against stomach ulcer, cirrhosis, hepatitis B, liver infection, diabetes, leukemia, hypertension (high blood pressure), rheumatism, allergies (including allergic asthma), and autoimmune diseases such as purpura, which is attended by an itchy, reddish purple rash.
Shiitake In Folk Medicine
Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake Mushroom is a medicinal mushroom.

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