Cordyceps and Breast Cancer | cordyceps militaris mushroom benefits

Cordyceps sinensis may inhibit breast cancer growth. A study investigated the role of cordyceps extracts in antitumor activity. Results show that the mushroom could slow down the growth of breast cell tumors by decreasing the inhibition of NF-kB pathways.

Cordyceps and Breast Cancer

Another cordyceps species, C. militaris, also has incredible antitumor potential. A 2019 study examined the efficacy of the bioactive compounds found in cordyceps fruiting bodies. Results suggest that the fungus has great potential in breast cancer prevention.

Researchers came to a similar conclusion in a 2013 study on the effects of cordyceps on breast cancer growth. The results suggest that cordycepin, an active component found in the mushroom, induces tumor growth delay in mice with breast cancer.

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