Cordyceps and Ovarian Cancer | cordyceps militaris mushroom benefits

Cordyceps militaris also shows promise when it comes to ovarian cancer treatment. A 2020 study looked at the effects of this medicinal fungus on SKOV-3 ovarian cancer cells.

Results suggest that cordyceps mushrooms induce apoptosis. Therefore, taking Cordyceps militaris may increase ovarian cancer cell death.

 Cordyceps and Ovarian Cancer

Another study examined the potential anti-tumor effects of cordyceps on Carboplatin-resistant ovarian cancer. Carboplatin is a chemotherapy medication used to treat various types of cancer. 

Unfortunately, ovarian cancer cells can become resistant to this drug quite fast. Once that happens, the drug can no longer induce apoptosis and prevent cancer from spreading further.

The results of this study suggest that Cordyceps militaris exerts anti-tumor effects similar to those of Carboplatin via ATF3/TP53 pathway activation.

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