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Mushroom Training Courses maharashtra

Mushroom Learning Center, Kolhapur is top and best for learning mushroom growing.  Mushroom Learning Center, Kolhapur is part of Biobritte Agro Kolhapur. Mushroom Learning Center, Kolhapur supply mushrooms, mushroom seeds, dry mushrooms, fresh mushrooms. Mushroom Seeds are available at cheap rates 105 rs/Kg Collect seeds in person or by parcel Contact: +91-9923806933, +91-9673510343 Whatsapp: +91-9923806933, +91-9673510343 International

Grey Oyster Mushroom -Pleurotus Sajorcaju

About the product P. sajor-caju is one of the most successfully cultivated species of these mushrooms and it is considered to be delicious. Commonly called as grey oyster mushrooms. The mushrooms are long in length. Stem Length is long as compared to other strains of grey oyster mushrooms. ​The health benefits of Oyster mushrooms have been enjoyed and appreciated in Asian cultures for thousands of years, and recent studies are shining a light on the nutritious and medicinal properties of these (and many other) amazing mushrooms. Nutritional Benefits Of Oyster Mushrooms Oyster mushrooms are: low in calories fat free cholersterol-free gluten-free very low in sodium At the same time, they're also high in: protein & fibre iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus & selenium calcium folic acid vitamins B1, B3, B5 & B12 vitamin C & vitamin D To order please contact                   Local and International Inquiries to

Mushroom training

मशरूम लर्निंग सेंटर कोल्हापूर घेवून येत आहे - 👉 धिंगरी मश्रूम ट्रेनिंग. 🗓 तारीख- ०४ ऑगस्ट २०१९ 🕰 वेळ: सकाळी १० ते दुपारी ४ 🏭 ठिकाण- मश्रूम लर्निंग सेंटर जयसिंगपूर कोल्हापूर यामध्ये काय आहे? ✓धिंगरी मश्रूम कसे लावावेत? ✓मश्रूम युनिट कसे बनवावे? ✓त्यासाठी लागणारे साहित्य ✓मश्रूम विक्री व पदार्थ ✓ मश्रूम शेतीमधील इतर व्यवसाय संधी ✓ इतर पूर्ण माहिती व तुमच्या शंकेचे निरसन ✓सोबत मश्रूम कीट व प्रमाणपत्र ✓इत्यादी बद्दल पूर्ण माहिती आणि प्रात्यक्षिकसहित ट्रेनिंग दिले जाईल. ✓आधी नोंदणी करणे आवश्यक- ✓फीस-१२००/प्रत्येकी 👉 Registration link: 👉 👉 Address: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ☎ मश्रूम उत्पादन प्रशिक्षण घेण्यासाठी आजच संपर्क करा ✓मश्रूम लर्निंग ट्रेनिंग, जयसिंगपूर-कोल्हापूर ✓संपर्क साधा- 9673510343, 9923806933. ✓आमच्याकडे मश्रूम बियाणे हि स्वस्त दरात मिळतात.

Become distributor of Biobritte Agro-Innovative Mushroom products

Become distributor of Biobritte Agro-Innovative Mushroom products Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited India is appointing distributors in all India locations. We want to appoint distributors or resellers in all states of India at district level, metro politician city level. About us: Biobritte is involved in Mushroom growing, Mushroom Food processing, and Mushroom Research. We currently have 5 products launched and still 44 about to launch. Our Headquarter based in Kolhapur Maharashtra, India. Why to choose our distributorship: 1. High quality products 2. Innovative and never launched products 3. Made using High quality mushrooms grown in own farm 4. Rapidly growing company 5. International Business reputation is growing day by day 6. High margin for distributors. 7. Marketing support and strategy guidance 8. As we are not interested to sell at local cities in India. Our company mainly will be involved in exports so all our distrib

Buy mushroom pickle in Bengaluru or Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala

Now mushroom pickle are available in Bengaluru or Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala ✔We launched our Oyster Mushroom Pickles. ✔You can collect from our office in Jaysingpur directly. ✔You can buy online at ✔Distributors are welcome. ✔Contact us at Biobritte Agro (Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur) ✔Address: ✔ Contact: 9923806933 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #msuhroompickles ,  #mushroompickles ,  #biobritte ,  #pickles ,  #mushroom product, #biobritte store, #mushroom lonche, #Bengaluru, #Bangalore, #Chennai,#Kerala, #Karnataka,#Pune, #Mumbai, #Solapur, #Auranagabad, #Nagpur

Buy Organic Mushrooms Biobritte Agro Kolhapur-9923806933

For sales and contracts Contact us at 9923806933 /9673510343. We are looking for daily buyer contracts. Oyster Mushrooms Pleurotus Sajorcaju (Grey Oyster) Pleurotus Florida (White Oyster) Pleurotus Eous (Pink Oyster) Dry Oyster Mushrooms Mushroom Spawn All Types Mushroom Powder