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Buy Dry Edible Black Fungus Mushrooms- from Biobritte India

About the product Black fungus has a chemical that inhibits blood clotting, and because heart attacks, strokes and blood vessel diseases are linked to clotting, this fungus may improve circulation.  Veg for Life also states that it contains anticoagulant substances that act like blood thinners, similar to that of aspirin. Black fungus, or Auricularia polytricha, is sometimes known as wood ear, cloud ear, Judas ear or tree ear.  It is a mushroom that is dark brown to black and native to Asia and some Pacific islands with humid climates.  It is edible and often used in Asian cooking.  It is a beneficial herb in helping with health issues by treating the lungs, stomach and liver, according to the Institute of Chinese Medicine. To order please contact                   Local and International Inquiries to:       Phone:  +91-923806933     Whatsapp:  +91-9923806933     E-mail: Inquiries: #auricularia polytricha, #black fungus, #w