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Cultivation of Oyster mushroom | Mushroom Cultivation | Mushroom Farming Business | Mushroom Training Company

Cultivation of  # Oyster  mushroom with agricultural residues, such as rice and wheat straw is a value added process to convert these materials into human food. It represents one of the most efficient biological ways by which these residues can be recycled. Mushroom cultivation not only helps to reduce the protein deficiency especially in developing countries like India but also increases income of the rural poor people. The objectives of rural development in developing countries are mainly diversification of rural income and attaining a competitive structure for agriculture in order to increase job opportunities and development. ***(information source:Credits to respective publishers and author). To learn about  # mushrooms  stay connected and attend our basic oyster mushroom cultivation trainings. # mushroom   spawn supplier #mushroom supplier #mushroom trainings #mushroom cultivation contact phone or whatsapp +91-9923806933 or 9673510343 ----------