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T he world have eaten or used mushrooms medicinally for centuries, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt.  Legend has it  that pharaohs liked their earthy flavor so much, they declared the fungi royalty food and forbid commoners from touching them. Those greedy pharaohs kept the entire supply for themselves. Americans gobble down white button, oyster and shiitake mushrooms the most, but many varieties hide nutritional superpowers under their white or brown caps and gills. Whether you eat them raw or cooked (you should cook them, but more on that later), here are some of the health benefits you'll get when you add mushrooms to your diet. 1. They have cancer-fighting properties.  A  study published in the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine  tested five types of mushrooms (maitake, crimini, portabella, oyster and white button) and found that they "significantly suppressed" breast cancer cell growth and reproduction, suggesting "both common and specialty mushro

"व्यावसायिक मशरूम शेती वेबिनार" | २२ ऑगस्ट २०२० | ऑनलाइन वेबिनार

मशरूम लर्निंग सेंटर कोल्हापूर आणत आहे "व्यावसायिक मशरूम शेती वेबिनार" मराठीमध्ये -दिनांक:  २२  ऑगस्ट २०२०, शनिवार -वेळ:  सकाळी ११ ते २ (२-३तास) या विषयावर  ऑनलाइन वेबिनार -यामध्ये मशरूमची व्यावसायिक शेती कशी करावी यावर मार्गदर्शन करण्यात येईल. मुद्दे: -मशरूम शेती म्हणजे काय? -मश्रुमचे फायदे व प्रकार -मशरूम लागवड -मशरूम पदार्थ -मशरूम मार्केटिंग -इतर माहिती -प्रमाणपत्रे व बुकलेट मिळतील -वेबिनार रेकॉर्डिंग मिळेल  -नोंदणी शुल्क-५५० / प्रती व्यक्ती -प्रमाणपत्रे व बुकलेट दिली जाईल गूगल पे- 9130277943 गूगल पे केल्यावर हा फॉर्म भरावा- किंवा नोंदणी लिंक- WEBINAR APPLICATION DOWNLOAD: नोंदणी केल्यावर वेबिणार लिंक इमेल केली जाईल. अधिक महितीसाठी संपर्क साधा- फोन- 9923806933 #mushroomwebinar

Mushroom Training Courses maharashtra

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Mushroom company in Maharashra

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Mushrooms and human health

Mushrooms have long been used in medicine in cultures throughout the world, but recently, they have grown in popularity as a supplement in the health and wellness field.  Also known as medicinal mushrooms, these curious supplements promise some pretty amazing health benefits.  More than 2,000 species of edible mushrooms exist on the planet, and extensive scientific research has shown they are incredibly powerful for their ability to improve your overall well bein g. Let’s dive in.  # reishimushrooms   have shown to have a direct impact on boosting the vital components of your immune system, essentially priming immune cells to be more effective in responding to infection and attacks.  By increasing the count of immune white blood cells called macrophages, mushrooms can allow your immune system to work more efficiently than ever.   One mushroom that does this rather well is Lion’s Mane. The compounds found in Lion’s Mane have been shown to stimulate neurons, triggering

Cordyceps Militaris Vs. Cordyceps Sinensis

More than 400 species of cordyceps have been discovered, but there are two that researchers have zeroed in on: Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris.  The former grows naturally on caterpillars in high altitudes of the Tibetan mountains and other parts of the world.  These wild cordyceps are extremely expensive due to their rarity, environmental factors, harvesting difficulty, and increasing demand.  As such, they are not practical for use as supplements. On the other hand, cordyceps militaris have very similar properties to cordyceps sinensis, can be commercially cultivated, and the fruiting bodies can be grown on a rice mixture, thus making it much more accessible and affordable.  This is great news considering you probably wouldn't want to climb towering mountains across the Tibetan plateau just to find wild cordyceps, not to mention paying tens of thousands of dollars for a small amount! -----------------------------------------------------------------------