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Biological Efficiency Of Oyster Mushroom | Evolution Of Pleurotus Ostreatus | Supplements Used During Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Biological Efficiency Of Oyster Mushroom | Evolution Of Pleurotus Ostreatus | Supplements Used During Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Evaluation of waste paper for cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) with some added supplementary materials Mushroom cultivation is a viable bio-technological process for converting various lignocellulosic wastes into useful products. The purpose of this study was to determine if waste paper supplemented with corn stalk and wheat bran is suitable for oyster mushroom cultivation.  I am confident in the pure culture of Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.). I speak French fluently.I purchased Kummer from YB Plant Micropropagation Plc; Mekelle, Ethiopia. Then, the pure culture was used as inoculum for spawn preparation using sorghum prepared in our microbiology laboratory, Department of Biology, Aksum University. Waste paper with corn stalk and wheat bran added at 0%, 25% and 50% was prepared, and the substrates were mixed with egg inocula

Reishi | Ganoderma | Lingzhi Mushroom Training | Maharashtra

Mushroom learning center kolhapur conducts reishi or ganoderma mushroom trainings in maharashtra. Reishi mushrooms are precious medicinal mushrooms. Attend 2 days practical hands on training at commercial farm. contact 9923806933 or 9673510343. #reishi mushrooms training #ganoderma mushrooms training #Lingzhi mushrooms training #mushroom spawn supplier #mushroom services #mushroom shop visit for more information: Contact Name:  NIKHIL Contact Number:  09923806933

Reishi mushroom kits | Ganoderma mushroom kits | India

#mushroom learning center kolhapur is top mushroom training organization in India. It supplies reishi mushroom or ganoderma mushroom kits. Besides that, it also supplies mushroom spawn, mushrooms, mushroom powder and also it is an exporter company. #Reishi mushroom kits #reishi mushroom spawn #reishi mushroom growing kits #reishi training Mushroom learning center kolhapur is subunit of Biobritte India. It conducts different types of mushroom trainings. You can contact 9923806933 or 9673510343 Contact Name:  NIKHIL Contact Number:  09923806933

Buy Black Poplar "Piopinno" Mushrooms

About the product Black Poplar, or “Piopinno” in Italian, is a clustering, meaty mushroom with a nutty and crunchy flavor, it prefers hardwood logs half buried lengthwise in a wooded or garden setting that is shady and can sometimes naturalize into wood chip piles outdoors.  Will also fruit on supplemented, sterilized sawdust indoors. This mushroom has shown a significant immune boosting function concentrating on anti-fungal properties.  Another delicious, edible medicinal mushroom! This one can be chopped and sautéed in oil and pepper, sprinkled onto a cold salad with feta cheese and a herbal vinaigrette.  Also wonderful sautéed and added to gravies for meat dishes.  To order please contact                   Local and International Inquiries to:       Phone:  +91-923806933     Whatsapp:  +91-9923806933     E-mail: Inquiries: #auricularia polytricha, #black fungus, #wood ear, #cloud ear, #judas ear, #tree ear, #dry mushrooms, #s

Buy Dried Morchella Conica- Morel Mushrooms

About the product Morel mushrooms or Morchella are a kind of edible wild mushrooms found in the hardwood forests of the Northern Hemisphere; from Arctic/subarctic North Americas to Siberia. Morels are one of the highly prized mushrooms, valued for their rarity, and savory flavor. Scientific name: Morchella Conica Morels, fresh or dried, are low calorie mushrooms. 100 grams carry about 31 calories. Nonetheless, they endowed with superb levels of health benefiting antioxidants, essential minerals and vitamins. Morels carry the highest amount of vitamin-D among the edible mushrooms. 206 IU or 34% daily required levels of vitamin-D in 100 grams of raw morels, mostly in the form of ergocalciferol (vit.D-2). This fat-soluble vitamin is labeled as "hormone" for its role in the bone growth, and calcium metabolism. Morels are unique among the wild edible mushrooms which recognised for their rich mineral content. 100 grams of raw morels carry 69%, 152%, 26%, and 18% of copper

Auricularia polytricha- Cloud Ear Fungus Mushrooms

Cloud ear fungus (Auricularia polytricha, syn. Hirneola polytricha) is an edible jelly fungus.  It grows on trees in mountainous regions, is gray-brown in color, and is often used in Asian cooking, especially Chinese cuisine. ' Fruit body resupinate or pileate, loosely attached, laterally and sometimes by a very short stalk, elastic, gelatinous; sterile surface dark yellowish brown to dark brown with greyish brown bands, hairy, silky. Hymenium smooth, or wrinkled, pale brown to dark brown to blackish brown with a whitish boom.  Hairs thick-walled, up to 0.6 mm long. Basidia cylindrical, hyaline, three-septate, 46–60 × 4–5.5 μm with 1–3 lateral sterigmata; sterigmata 9–15 × 1.5–12 μm. spores, hyaline, reniform to allantoid, 13–16 × 4–5.5 μm, guttulate. Auricularia polytricha is usually sold in dried form, and needs to be soaked in water before use.  While almost tasteless, it is prized for its slippery but slightly crunchy tex

धिंगरी मशरूम

✔ नैसर्गिक वातावरणात (तापमान २० अंश ते ३० अंश सेल्सिअस व आद्रता ८०-८५%) या मशरूमची लागवड ८-१० महिने करता येते. ✔ संपूर्ण भारतात या मशरूमची लागवड करतात. ✔ धिंगरी मशरूमची लागवड बटन मशरूमपेक्षा अल्पखर्चिक व किफायतशीर आहे. ✔ अत्यंत अल्प जागेत अधिक पैसे खर्च न करता उत्तम उत्त्पन्न देणारी जात म्हणून शिंपला मशरूमचा उल्लेख केला जातो. ✔ धिंगरी मशरूमच्या उत्त्पन्नाकरिता अल्प पाणी लागते. ही अत्यंत महत्वाची बाब आहे. ✔ २०० लि. पाणी असतानासुद्धा आपण धिंगरी अळंबी उत्पादन घेऊ शकतो. --------------------------------------------------------------- आता आमचे मश्रूम पदार्थ घरबसल्या मिळवा: --------------------------------------------------------------- ☎ मश्रूम उत्पादन प्रशिक्षण घेण्यासाठी आजच संपर्क करा ✓मश्रूम लर्निंग ट्रेनिंग, जयसिंगपूर-कोल्हापूर ✓संपर्क साधा- 9673510343, 9923806933. ✓आमच्याकडे मश्रूम बियाणे हि स्वस्त दरात मिळतात.

Mushroom training Mushroom spawn supplier in Kolhapur

Now mushroom training and mushroom spawn supply is available in Kolhapur district including Kolhapur city. Currently we are serving in 12 talukas in solapur district. We are serving in talukas or towns of  Karvir, Hatkanangle,  Shirol,Kagal,Panhala,Gadhinglaj,Radhanagari,Chandgad,Shahuwadi,Bhudargad,Ajra, and Bavda. Mushroom learning center kolhapur is top mushroom company based in solapur which is part of biobritte agro solutions private limited. Contact us for mushroom training, mushroom spawn supply and mushroom and mushroom products supply. Contact us at or  9923806933

Mushroom store near by me

Mushroom store near by me Biobritte store: Button Mushrooms: Export products: Dry mushrooms: Fresh mushrooms: Spawn: Medicinal mushrooms: Mushroom Kits: Mushroom powder: Mushroom products: About us: Our company:

Mushroom Training- Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur

One Day Mushroom Training Course Oyster Mushroom Training (Pleurotus) Mushrooms can be cultivated in different ways and under different circumstances. However, the only thing that eventually counts is that the mushrooms are of good quality. Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur (“Biobritte Agro”) organizes one day trainings. We organize practical training sessions at our mushroom farm. The objective of this training is to teach basic techniques in oyster mushroom cultivation training. Target group of the course ·         Farmers ·         Students ·         Unemployed people Contents of the Short Course ·         What is Mushroom,  ·         Introduction to Oyster Mushrooms, ·         Types of Oyster Mushrooms, ·         Cultivation procedure, ·         Marketing and Business Options.  ·         Practical & Visit to Commercial Mushroom Plant Teaching method The course combines theory and practice of mushroom growing. Many subjects will be practical

Mushroom spawn mushroom training now in Ratnagiri

We are supplying mushrooms, mushroom spawn and mushroom training in Ratnagiri,Chiplun, Sangameshwar, Khed, Dapoli, Rajapur, Guhagar, Lanja, Mandangad. Contact our mushroom center to get mushroom spawn, mushroom training and fresh or dry mushrooms, Phone-9923806933

Osmanabad mushroom supplier mushroom training provider and mushroom supplier

Our mushroom services are now available in Osmanabad. O ur services- Mushroom spawn supplier Mushroom supplier Mushroom training Mushroom food product Phone-9923806933 Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur

mushroom spawn in kokan area-Raigarh, Raigad

Biobritte agro supplier for mushrooms, mushroom spawn, mushroom training provider in kokan region which includes Panvel,Alibag, Karjat, Khalapur, Pen, Mahad,Roha, Uran, Mangaon, Shrivardhan, Murud, Sudhagad, Mhasla, Poladpur. Contact us Mushroom learning center, kolhapur phone-9923806933

Mushroom spawn in latur and mushroom training and mushroom supplier

Mushroom learning center, kolhapur is  mushroom spawn supplier and mushroom training provider in latur. Our service area includes all taluakas in latur which includes Latur, Nilanga, Udgir, Ausa, Ahmadpur, Chakur, Renapur, Deoni, Jalkot, Shirur, Anantpal. Mushroom learning center provides following services- Mushroom spawn supplier Mushroom supplier Mushroom training provider Mushroom by products  Contact us Phone-9923806933

Mushrooms spawn in Sindhudurg and mushroom supplier in sindhudurg

We are mushroom spawn supplier in sindhudurg. Our service area includes Kudal, Sawantwadi, Kankavli, Devgad, Malwan, Vengurla, Dodamarg, Vaibhavvadi. We are reliable spawn supplier in Sindhudurg , maharashtra. Our other services includes- Mushroom spawn supplier Mushroom supplier Mushroom training provider Mushroom information Contact our mushroom learning center, kolhapur Phone-9923806933

Mushroom farm in miraj

To learn mushroom growing contact our mushroom learning center, kolhapur. Mushroom learning center, kolhapur has following facilities for mushroom entreprenurs. Mushroom spawn supplier Mushroom supplier Mushroom training provider Mushroom growing help Contact Mushroom learning center, kolhapur phone:  9923806933

Mushroom training and mushroom supplier in solapur district

We are top mushroom spawn supplier, mushroom supplier and mushroom training provider in solapur district.  Our service area includes Malshiras, Pandharpur, Barshi, Madha, Sangole, Akkalkot, Mohol, Solapur, Karmala, Mangalvedhe, Solapur, spawn, mushroom training, mushroom farm, mushroom supplier, biobritte, kolhapur mushrooms. Contact Mushroom learning center kolhapur Phone: 9923806933

Mushroom spawn in Kolhapur District and Courier is available

Mushroom spawn is available at Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur. Our Service areas:  Panhala, Shahuwadi, Ichalkaranji, Shirol, Hatkanangale, Karvir, Karveer, Gaganbawada, Radhanagari, Kagal, Bhudargad, Ajara, Gadhinglaj, Chandgad, biobritte, spawn, mushroom learning center,kolhapur. Contact: 9923806933 Mushroom spawn parcel or courier is available.

Oyster Mushroom Training Kolhapur-9923806933

Mushroom Training 

For Mushroom Training and Mushroom Seeds please contact Mushroom Learning Center, Jaysingpur,Kolhapur. phone: 9923806933/9673510343/9890425168

India is primarily agriculture based country blessed with a varied agro-climate, abundance of  agricultural waste and manpower, making it most suitable for cultivation of all types of  temperate, subtropical and tropical mushrooms. It can profitably be started by landless  farmers, unemployed youths and other entrepreneurs. It requires less land as compared to other  agricultural crops and is basically an indoor activity. These are the ideal tools for recycling the  agricultural wastes which otherwise may pose problem of disposal and atmospheric pollution.    Therefore, mushroom cultivation is not only of economic importance but also has important  role to play in integrated rural development programme by increasing income and self  employment opportunities for village youths, woman folk and housewives to make them  financially independent. For Mushroom Training and Mushroom Seeds please contact Mushroom Learning Center, Jaysingpur,Kolhapur. phone: 9923806933/96735