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Mushroom Supplier in Kolhapur Maharashtra

Add small amount of mushrooms in your daily diet.
Enjoy your day with our High quality Mushrooms.
Pink oyster mushrooms looks very attractive when they are served with rice dishes.
You can add new menu to your restaurants, cafes or hotels.
You can mushrooms in different form. For example, you can use fresh mushrooms, dry mushrooms and mushroom powder various dishes.
Do you run Juice center or Drink cafe? You can add mushroom milk shake menu?
 Do you feel excited about mushrooms foods or drinks? Order mushrooms for your new innovative, nutricious, healthy and tasty food menu. Don't hesitate to ask for us about innovative mushroom food menus.
Get in touch with our sales person at phone-9923806933
We also offer free delivery services for local food businesses.

Biobritte Agro Jaysingpur, Kolhapur.
Phone: 9923806933, 9673510343
Map Directions:
Collect Fresh and Dry mushrooms at our office.
Collect Mushroom spawn at our office.
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