Importance of Mushroom Cultivation | Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur

  • Mushroom cultivation can help reduce vulnerability to poverty and strengthens livelihoods through the generation of a fast yielding and nutritious source of food and a reliable source of income.
  •  Since it does not require access to land, mushroom cultivation is a viable and attractive activity for both rural farmers and semi-urban dwellers. Small-scale growing does not include any significant capital investment. 
  • Indirectly, mushroom cultivation also provides opportunities for improving the sustainability of small farming systems through the recycling of organic matter, which can be used as a growing substrate, and then returned to the land as fertilizer. 
  • Through the provision of income and improved nutrition, successful cultivation and trade in mushrooms can strengthen livelihood assets, which can not only reduce vulnerability to shocks, but enhance an individual's and a community's capacity to actupon other economic opportunities.

  • Mushroom cultivation activities can play an important role in supporting the local economy by
  • contributing to subsistence food security, nutrition, and medicine; generating additional employment and income through local, regional and national trade; and offering opportunities for processing enterprises.
  • Until a few years ago, oyster mushrooms were considered to be an expensive luxury food for urban consumers and not of interest to resource poor households. 
  • The benefits of growing and selling mushrooms have enabled farmers to buy livestock (chickens and goats), pay school fees and household goods, and a number of farmers have invested in expanding their mushroom production in rural areas.

  • As a result of all of these factors, interest in cultivating the edible fungi has grown. Mushroom production may offer opportunity to those willing to develop a commercial operation as an additional enterprise for the farm or rural community, or for farmers without large acreages.

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Credits: Mr. Sabyasachi Bose*Mushroom Cultivation and Marketing Strategies: An Untapped Source of Sustainable Development and Livelihood in North Bengal