Buy Blue Oyster Mushrooms powder in Kolhapur, Maharashtra


Buy Blue Oyster Mushrooms powder in Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Like all mushrooms, oyster mushrooms act almost like sponges, soaking up any water they come into contact with. Don't leave them sitting in water, even for the sake of cleaning them. Cultivated oyster mushrooms usually don't need much cleaning—simply wipe off any bits here or there with a dry paper towel. A damp paper towel can be used on extra dirty mushrooms.


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The fruit is usually thick and meaty and very versatile for culinary uses.  Oyster mushrooms also contain a plethora of valuable constituents, like proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are rich in vitamin B and vitamin D. Iron and potassium are also present in these mushrooms.

Blue oyster calories: It is said that a cup (86 g) of sliced blue oyster mushrooms has 37 calories.


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