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Mushroom powder available in Mahabaleshwar.

Generally, the mushroom powder is, literally, just dried mushrooms that have been pulverized into a powder. It’s really that simple. And it can be made out of any culinary mushroom! Biobritte provides you best quality mushroom powder at an affordable price.

“[Mushroom powders] all provide similar health benefits and are low in calories, high in phytonutrients and may even have vitamin D,”

Various types of mushrooms may help support a healthy immune system. Among the most promising in that department are the reishi mushrooms. Grown in hot and humid parts of Asia, reishi has been a staple of Eastern practice and diet for centuries. The following are the different products and services of Biobritte agro.

  ·       Mushroom training

       ·       Mushroom spawn & spawn online supply

       ·       Fresh & dry mushrooms

       ·       Mushroom products

       ·       Ganoderma & oyster mushroom powder

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